Long Sleeve Open Back Fleece Shirt With Stressed Skinny Jeans

Long Sleeve Open Back Fleece Shirt With Stressed Skinny Jeans

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Who says that you have to be completely done up to look beautiful. This is a simple look that requires minimal effort. What we love about this photo is that she is wearing a minimal amount of makeup where it looks natural. She also has no accessories on such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or even a carrying bag.

This young lady simply wears an open-back longe sleeve fleece sweater with distressed blue skinny jeans. All of the clothes she is wearing are form-fitting to show off her figure. Everything is done and a classy way. The highlight of this overall outfit which makes it pop is her shoe game. Those see-through high-heel shoes are everything!

You can wear this look almost anywhere. You can go out to dinner in this outfit if you want. Go to the mall, day parties, the movies, events and more. you can even just wear this at home and feel beautiful all day. We suggest that you have your hair and nails done up at least since people will be looking for things that will stand out in this cute look.

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