Kylie Jenner Gray Jacket & Knee High Boots

Kylie Jenner – Gray Jacket & Gray Knee High Boots

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Who says you can’t look good in such a simple outfit? Kylie Jenner absolutely kills it in this look. You can easily put this together yourself for a simple low cost. This outfit is perfect for casual outings with family or friends. You can wear this to the mall, day parties, brunch, on a date, and more.

Let’s first check out what Kylie is wearing. She is sporting a gray collarless zip-up jacket that matches the gray knee-high boots. The material for both can be either leather, suede, or any other comfortable fabric. Underneath her jacket is a long v-neck white t-shirt that is worn like a dress. Optionally, you can wear mini-shorts if the t-shirt is not long enough.

No jewelry is necessary as her brown carrying bag is the perfect offsetting accent that this outfit needs for completion. What do you think about this look? Think you can wear it better? We would love to hear your comments below.

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