Green Short Sleeve Crop Top With Ripped Charcoal Skinny Jeans

Green Short Sleeve Crop Top With Ripped Charcoal Skinny Jeans

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Such as simple but yet effective look for ladies looking to show off their curves without revealing too much. Take notice that she isn’t wearing any accessories. Her outfit, subtle makeup, and long black hair is all she needs to stunt in this cute look.

She is wearing a green short sleeve crop top belly shirt, high waist ripped charcoal skinny jeans, and green transparent high heel shoes. All the colors in this outfit blend very well while her skin color gives off a vibrant accent to offset the muted colors.

Wear this outfit casually at the mall, spending time with friends or around the house while looking good. If you want to wear this outfit at the club or to a party, if you have a piercing, add a belly ring to your stomach. Wear some hoop earrings and stylish wrist watch. Step up eyeshadow and foundation, and now you are all set.

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