Amoretu Womens Floral Lace Lingerie Long Cheongsam Side Split Gown

Amoretu Floral Lace Lingerie Long Cheongsam Side Split Gown

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The perfect gown to wear for a loved one during a special occasion. If you want to look sexy and elegant at the same time, then this floral lace lingerie gown is the right one for you. Show off your body by slightly revealing just enough to peak the interest of your partner. This gown can also be worn on the beach over a nice lacie bikini, the choice is yours.

The designer of this gown is Amoretu. This floral gown as a bust size of 34.25″ to 45.28″, a waist size of 26.77″ to 37.40″, hip size of 35.43″ to 49.21″, and a length size of 52.75″. Not only do you get this beautiful long floral gown, but you also get a g-string. Choose between two colors of Black and Green. Think you have what it takes? Get yours today!

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